Monday, March 2, 2015


There was a half full beer bottle on the coffee table and a pair of glasses next to it.  And sitting on the leather sofa was a woman with grey in her hair and dark spots on her face.  Her hands worn out from years of help and her eyes have seen too much pain.  And there was a band playing in the back of her house.  Sound echoing out of small speakers so no one could hear.  Outside worked a man with a temper and good intentions.  He could inflict pain with just a look but his hands were soft to touch.  The boy who ran around without a head was cooperating today.  He would spend all his time bouncing an orange ball if time saw it fit.  But the girl who sat in her room had no story.  She would sit her days out with words caught inside.  There was a kettle on in the kitchen.  Doors opened and closed like routine.  These four people would never talk and it was unbearable.  The beer bottle was empty now and the glasses were worn by the woman.  The girl listened to the band in the back of the house.  The doors stayed quiet and the boy played video games.  And the man turned the kettle off.  These four people functioned.


  1. Your story is intriguing . . . you've created a setting that I can easily picture, but I'm left with many questions. Why do these four people function, but never talk?

  2. Interesting paint an excellent picture with your words.