Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It is so completely irrational to love someone this much.  To the point where it saddens you when you haven't spoke in days.  How it physically hurts that they are off living their own life.
What a ridiculous concept.
I remember when I knew I loved you.  We were on a plane back from Atlanta, and like always I had fallen asleep peacefully lulled by the full roar of the people talking.  I remember drifting in and out of my slumber.  One minute you were awake reading through the outdated sky mall magazine and then next you were asleep.  I would fall back to my slumber and then I drifted to a state of partial conciseness where I saw you look at me, bend down and pick up your blanket.  You gently, so as not to wake me, laid it over my body and over yours.  Then you sat back, put your head on my shoulder, and fell asleep again.  I smiled internally because you didn't have to put that blanket over me but you saw that I was sleeping and that there were goosebumps on my skin so out of the kindness of your heart you provided me with a blanket that satisfied my every desire.


  1. What a beautifully written piece. I love that kindness became love! It's such a lovely thought that continually we are brought together by our need for each other.

  2. It's the small gestures of love that we treasure. You recreated this moment so vividly.