Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Night

I watched the evening turn to night as I sat on my childhood porch
Slowly, as if in a snow globe, the clouds moved
The sky fading from its once subtle blue to a deep indigo
Night set in, the sky was black now faded from indigo
The lamp across the street shined into the windows of the house
It was quiet
Christmas lights that bordered the porch bordered me
And it was dark
Dysfunctional harmony danced, the two things I loved the most
In the front room of the house the night laid the people to rest
Silent bodies lived in this space
For a while the house was quiet
The bodies inside covered with lies dozed for hours
On the porch I still sat
The sky twisted into figures I’ve only ever seen in my dreams
The ballerina in the clouds that danced with a corpse
The blade of the sword that cut into flesh
The eyes of a man longing for love
The light of the moon that strove to heal my wounds
It never could though
I never slept much anymore
Because to sleep was to feel a temporary release of pain
This novelty was unattainable
The pain a taken up residence in my house
The pain lived with the sleeping people inside the house
The pain illuminated from the lamp across the street
The pain was the pillow that I never slept on
But when the dark sky allowed sleep to be a friend
I woke up as I fell asleep

Weary and perplexed

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  1. "I woke up as I feel asleep," this line drew me to the start again.