Thursday, July 14, 2016

Four Walls

The four walls of my room held in them the remnants of the people who at one time or another held a part of me.  In the closet there's the dress from the boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and a taste for the same.  He left years ago.  On the dresser three coins from the country boy who was short and sweet.  I kicked him out.  On my desk and shelf are the flowers, chocolates, and notes that my old flame hid for me.  I asked him to leave.  On my desk though is the present in the gold box that my past love gave me.  He was never mine so he never really left.  I still have that box.  It sits on my shelf with the vase of flowers that my old flame gave me.  In that box covered with glitter and a bow was my heart that I gave him but he gave right back.

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