Sunday, July 3, 2016

Months of Lasts

In the months of lasts
I met someone new
I met a person who knew everything and nothing at the same times
They were nothing to be expected 
But everything you would expect
In the months of last 
I met a girl
A girl who changed everything
A girl who knew her direction and dragged me with her
A girl who at crossroads built a new road
A girl who said fuck you and I don't care so much that people stopped asking her questions
A girl who knew what was right and said everything on her mind
In the months of lasts
I fell in love with a girl
The way she would poke and prod at her perfect figure
The way her laugh made her whole face light up
The way she knew who she was and stayed true to it
In the months of lasts
I met myself
I fell in love with myself
In my months of lasts 
I could myself with every step out the door
Every argument I held
Every time I stood up for myself
I met a girl I could fall in love with
And that girl is me

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