Thursday, July 28, 2016


It had been too long.  We had gone without.  In the back of all our minds we knew it was coming.  But yet we still went on so ignorant of things to come.  The boy in the front room you couldn't hear.  He sat and listened, put his ear to the door to hear, and this was a first.  The girl asleep in her bed had not made a sound for far too long.  When she moved to hear the voices coming from the other side of her wall her reaction was to curl right back up.  The poor woman who sat and heard all the words he said to her could not move anymore.  She had heard the word that tore at her soul and ripped her to pieces.  It wouldn't be long anymore.  That we would go without.  We all know now that it is coming.  So a word of advice,  prepare.

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