Sunday, July 3, 2016


Every now and then 
In the house of silence 
A volcano erupts
With this eruption voice are spewed across rooms
It begins in a low rumble
You never see it coming
You thing you can hold on through the uncomfortable trembling
It on grows larger
The eruption grew into a hazard
People were in danger
Women and children fled with fear
This volcano could kill them all
The eruption turned chaotic now
Pieces of debris splattered on the walls
Bones of people that once were lay still on the floor
My volcano erupts every few months or so 
That's all relative
But when it does
It goes off for hours
It digs up stories from the past
Unnecessary deaths occur
It leaves people homeless and confused
It rumbles from the depths of the earth
Grumbling from the pit of its stomach
Every now and then
In the house of silence
A volcano erupts
And no one was ever the same

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