Sunday, August 14, 2016

This song

It was one of those nights again.  When the anthem of the house played on the loud speakers.  The song that played in my head for the past eighteen years.  This song was my parting gift.  One last concert put on for my enjoyment.  Any other noise was drowned out by this song.  While this time I was not being serenaded this time the song was always for me.  This song never seemed to get old no matter how many times you played it.  But this was a sad song.  This song reeked of heartbreak, despair, loneliness, and anger.  Each time a new theme arose, a new lyric was written, and a new verse was recorded.  Although I never really enjoyed this song.  I fought with myself every time I heard it.  My world went silent and all that I heard was the repetition of the song.  This song sounded a lot like raised voices and accusations.  This song was always for me with silent jabs and misheard words.  This song was a sad song.  This song wasn't a song at all.  This song was his argument against the world.  

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