Monday, August 8, 2016

You Can Find Me

You can find me hidden between chapters and pages of books I've read and yet to read.  You can find me in the grains of sugar that go into my coffee.  You can find me between the keys on my laptop.  You can find me standing on a porch in the middle of a rain storm.  You can find me covered by wooly blankets on my bed.  You can find me searching the aisle of my favorite book shop.  You can find me picking apart pastries at the cafe down the street.  You can find me leaning on a tree at the park.  You can find me in many of these hidden places but where you will not find me is hiding between missed calls and texts; waiting for a man who never puts me first.  You can find me in the warm embrace of a hug but never in the warm embrace of his lies.

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