Thursday, September 29, 2016


I watched as they all gave hugs to the boy who they thought would never leave.  And I couldn't judge them because I said permanent words too.  It showed me that this could be it.  Don't take for granted the time you have with someone.  Because one day they are giving you a hug that you desperately need and then then next you are watching them fly away.  They were all nice to him in the days leading up to the departure.  No more sassy comments to be made.  They hugged him a little tighter and called him by his full name.  In the hours leading up they all tried to act normal.  Laughing at things they would always laugh at.  Doing things they would normally do.  They tried so hard to make these moments as normal as possible, but that was difficult to do with a ticking time bomb in the background.  Life messed with you like this.  You try to hold onto something good and pure and then the universe flips you upside down.  It takes people like this to show you.  To remind you of the impermanence of life.  Nothing will stay the same.  We change from second to second while we are trying to hold onto the things and the people we think will be there for awhile.  I had to watch the boy drive off to an airport.  To get on a plane that would take him away from our normal.  I watched as tears threatened my eyes, as they have been since he told me.  I gave him one last hug so that I would remember what it felt like to be valued and comforted.  Then he drove off, and I wrote this for him.  Because he flipped reality on its side for me once again.  Because he reminded me that to be happy is the ultimate goal, no matter the cost.

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