Friday, September 16, 2016


I've listened to the silent seconds pass since six in the morning.  I've seen the sun rise with the birth of a new day. I've heard the birds chirp their first sounds each day.  I've seen the empty land before its over run by people.  I've smelt the first cup of coffee being made.  I've see the first sign of clouds in the sky.  I've felt the heat rise from the earth.  I've stood in the silent seconds of the day.  When people don't talk.  When people move in slow motion.  When everything blends together in one abstract watercolor painting.  I've seen the differences from day to day.  I've taken note of the obvious changes.  I've stood in the silent seconds.  Watching the people pass by.  Only making the human noise.  I've lived in the silent seconds because they were always there, like a constant reminder to breathe.  That nothing can't be fixed with a few deep breaths and a few silent seconds.


  1. Silence is the world's greatest gift to humanity. This is an excellent piece; keep up the amazing work.

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