Monday, September 19, 2016

The Chatter

There was always chatter.  It filled air around me constantly.  I could always hear their voices.  They talked of silly things.  They spoke in silly tones.  And they heard silly things.  I heard the chatter in the silence of a still lake.  When not a pebble could disturb the water.  I heard the chatter in a train station.  When no one knew who was talking.  I heard the chatter in the dull low rumble of a thunder storm.  When the noise sparked the sky to cry.  But mostly I heard the chatter in my head.  And mostly I head your voice.  The chatter always telling me things and contradicting them in the same breath.  The chatter always sounded like you.  Maybe that's why I loved silence.  So I could tune out your voice.  So I couldn't hear the sounds you made.   Because I will always remember the sounds.  And I will always remember the chatter.

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