Friday, October 28, 2016

Blank Pages

I've hovered over these keys for far too long 
My pen leaving the pages clean
I have not left any part of me behind recently
It just seems to strange
The keys on my computer have been defying me
My pen has not been a friend
And my journal has stayed clean for a while
This happened from time to time
The world seemed to fall apart around me
And my writing disappeared
The words on my computer were not my own
They came from me but looked nothing like they should
The clean pages of my journal haunted me
Staring me right in the eye
And even this 
This sad excuse of a poem
This was my lack of creativity on a page
I left it here to hold down the fort
While I search for the ideas that I lost
So for now 
Here is this page of words that disappoint
I'll let my hands hover over the keys for while longer
And I'll stare at a blank page 
And maybe then it wont be so plain anymore

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