Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Music Notes

When I look at you I see music notes
I hear every melody that gave me the chills
I can see the sheet music printed on your tee shirt
I hear the voices that carry a tune
I see you playing the piano in the corner of the room
I hear lyrics that are all too perfect
I see people dancing
In the middle of a ballroom
One spotlight
One couple
And they sway back and forth
Humming this song to each other
When I look into your eyes I can hear that song you showed me
I can almost taste the lyrics
And if by chance our skin meets
I am taken to a concert
In a stadium all alone
And I can hear that song 
The band on the stage is our favorite 
And we sing along to every song
Because we know every lyric
When I look at you I see music notes
I can hear the trumpet playing in my favorite song
When I look at you I hear a woman singing in french
I hear melodies that send chills down my spine
When I look at you every song that I ever loved plays on repeat
I know every lyric to this song
And I can hear it every time I look at you

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