Saturday, October 1, 2016

Silent Tears

You've made me cry
I've always hated the silent tears
The times when you are completely and utterly alone
And there I was in the down poor of rain
Wind sweeping through my hair
And I relied on the wind to dry my tear because I knew you wouldn't
The silent tears were always the worst
When you were in so much pain that noise wasn't possible
All you could feel was your heart
How it ached and how it cried out but no one could hear it
The tears would always over power any noise to be made
I sat in the rain so I could hear the noise the water made
As it hit the ground and created puddles
I found solace in the rain 
I guess its because it reminded me that the sky had to cry too
That I wasn't alone in my ache
That my pain could be taken away by the falling drops
The rain was always a friend
The rain took away the silence of the tears

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