Sunday, October 30, 2016


Cold coffee in a mug
Music streaming through the headphones
And a silent room around me
This was what Sunday felt like
Sunday was cold room
Wrapped in a blanket
Comfy chairs
Sunday held me close
Like a friend that I hadn't seen in a while
The cold coffee reminded me of a cold winters day
This music took me back to road trips
3:00pm on a Sunday was made for only a few
While the rest slept 
And took comfort in their beds
I took comfort with a book 
In a world I had just traveled to
3:00pm on a Sunday was for movies and popcorn
Or a quite cafe with mood music
I found solace in the quite room
With the music in my head
And these words on this page
And the cold coffee in my mug
Sunday was always the day that gave me hope
Sunday was my day to remember
Sunday was my day
And today 
You felt like Sunday

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