Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Broken Heart or Broken Girl

This was more than just a case of a broken heart.  This was the story of a girl with a broken mind.  She was not just eighteen.  Bright eyed and hoping for a miracle.  She didn't wear flower crowns and dance in a field.  She didn't sing songs about love.  She was looking eighteen yet acting twenty.  Dark eyes and stopped believing in miracles.  She wore black and danced in night clubs.  She listened to songs that reminded her of truth.  She was not young and naive.  She had a grasp on reality.  She did not pretend to be ignorant.  She left young and naive at home so she could work.  She saw reality in too many lights.  She knew ignorance was not bliss so she was never blissful.  She could not harm others.  She hoped that things would turn out alright.  She knew how to stand up for herself.  She knew she would survive without a happy ending.  This was never the story of a broken heart.  This was the story of a broken girl.  Who used to dance in fields with flowers and sing songs that sounded of love.  The girl who now sat in dark rooms and listened to music to set the mood.  So the next time you think this is a case of young love gone wrong; look again because you might find the girl who saw the truth.

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