Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I found myself on the floor again
Beaten, battered, and bruised
Holding on to anything I could grasp
I was lying 
Back against the concrete
Hoping that someone
Would either help me up
Or run me over
They cut me down like a tree
A piece of nature that could be removed
A vine the climbed the side of buildings
Torn down 
Plucked and pruned
Made into something new
A shape that no one knew
Thats when the rain came
Pouring down on the body lying on the floor
It touched every part of her
It tried to wash away the dust
It only made mud
A dirt that latched onto her
She felt dirty
She felt impure
She felt the rain on her face
And the concrete on her back
Arms open wide
Eyes closed
She waited for the sun
She waited for the snow 
To either dry her
Or cover her
I waited until the night covered the sky
I could see the stars shining 
I could hear the silence
I could hear the human noise the people made
They walked by the girl lying on the floor
They made sure she was breathing
Then they kept on walking
The slightest heartbeat
And breath coming from her lips
And they left her
Lying on the concrete
With her heart beating out of her chest
The rain falling on her face
And the stars shining down on her
She stayed like that for too long
She picked herself up
Dusted herself off
Put a smile on her face
And walked on with all the other people 

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