Thursday, November 3, 2016


I can't do this today
Nothing went right today
I can't breath today
The world stopped spinning today
The air got thicker today
The sun didn't shine today
I wanted to stay home today
Shouldn't have gotten out of bed today
Held my mother a little closer today
Cried a little less today
Watch the sun never rise today
Hold his hand a little more today
It smelled of lavender a little more today
Watched the clock all day today
Had a countdown all day today
Wished it wasn't today
Hoped it wasn't today
It was today
I can't do this today
Everything hurt today
Nothing worked today
I was tired today
This day was today
It came around every year today
And today
It was hard today
And today
sometimes felt like everyday
But today
Would be over
Then it would no longer be today
So maybe I can get through today
But today could only be
Just today

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