Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Young Love

I've felt young love
The ache in your heart when someone doesn't love you in return
The longing for them to smile at you
To grasp onto any part of you
To want them to stay longer
To lose sleep for them
To bend over backwards for them
To hope they say hi to you today
To hope to see them today
I've felt young love
How it feels like a summer breeze
The warm air flowing around you
How it wraps you up in a hug 
Young love was a night at the lake
Or sitting at the end of the dock
Young love was never a missed call
And a text every morning
Young love was my hand in yours
And the movie that we went to see
Young love was driving down a pitch black road
You never knew where you were going
But some how you found your way
Young love was an adventure
And we were the explorers 
I've felt young love
It never quite felt like us
We felt like an old love
The one that has been brewing for ages
A love that brought us to the end of the dock
And felt like a fire at the lake 
I've felt young love
It wasn't all it was cracked up to be
It was ruthless
It was short
It was painful
It wasn't love
I've felt infatuation 
And it felt like I was holding onto you
It looked like the sunglasses you lost at the bottom of the lake
And it smelled like the coffee you made in the mornings
I've felt infatuation
And all I saw was your face

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