Monday, January 16, 2017

I've Cried

I can remember every place I have cried
I can't always remember why
But I can always remember the place
On the bench outside the library
As the students passed me by
On their bikes and skateboards
Going to and from classes
Behind my work
Sitting on the concrete floor
Hugging my knees to my chest
Letting the tears hit the pavement
The people walked the other direction
In an empty room
With all the lights on
And the cold air making me shiver
With a phone pressed to my ear
In my bed
Covered by blankets
With the door locked
And the lights turned off
At my locker
In the school hallway
After being yelled at
And being late to class
There are thousands of others
Spots where the earth has soaked up my tears
It engulfed my pain
It swallowed me whole
And I let it
With each tear the earth took
I lost one
And with each tear
I became lighter
So while I cried
In very public places
I gave up some pain
Each time
I lost myself to the earth
And I became lighter

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


With each passing mile
Each mile we lost
We grew closer
Closer to hell
Closer to the place I left
I hoped to never return
I hoped to turn my back to it
We drove to something
And away from something
With each mile I lost
I fell
Deep into a hole
The one I crawled out of
The one that held me captive
With each mile I lost
I grew a heavy heart
The one the held me down
The one that weighed a ton
With each mile I lost
I traveled further away
From the place that no one knew
From the place that kept me safe
With each mile I lost
I grew closer to hell
I grew closer to my captivity
I grew closer to him
With each mile I lost
He gained a mile
It was his way of taking things from me
Even now
He took things that weren't his
With each mile I lost
He took a mile
And 200 miles wasn't far enough